“Blessing Me” – XL2Letters [@XL2LETTERS]


Rapper XL2LETTERS announces the drop of another hot single off the Se7en Ep, in which he expresses his gratefulness to God for his life despite challenges of everyday life.

The track is aptly named BLESSING ME, which describes the struggles of his everyday life cause by harsh conditions in the country he lives in. It is a song that describes praising God through the storms and not just the happy times, being grateful even when things are going wrong. The song is upbeat, danceable and is bound to become a street hip hop anthem.

‘Wake Up in the morning and i Know he still be blessing me, even late at night while in traffic, he still be blessing me, Cruising in a dafoe or okada he still be blessing me, yes, he keeps on blessing me.’

Such is the chorus of this song, which depicts a thankful heart inspite of harsh traffic conditions. The beat was produced by WYTBOI JR [NGR]and was recorded mixed and mastered by OKEYSOKAY.

The track is another Single off THE SE7EN EP whose release date is yet to be specified by XL2LETTERS.

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