OD7MUSIC is a Music brand also known as OD7MUSIC SOLUTIONS Working with the aim of solving Music Related problems like…

  • …Music Productions: Helping to turn your messages into Music, beautifying your music, with the help of great Music Producers, Engineers and making it heard through our…
  • Music Promotion channels: Where we help you get aggressive/massive promotion on our Website, Facebook page, Twitter, and FINALLY to the site’s forum corner where we have loads of musicians present there everyday od7music.com/forumYour Music Link Get Broadcasted On Our Main site – to our Facebook fans, – to our Twitter Followers – to our BBM Channel Fans -to our whatsapp favorite list • We Will Build A Complete Music Page For You On Our Website With Your Song, Details & A Link To Your Twitter page to gain new Followers •You Will Definitely Build A Large Fan-base With Us, And can As Well Receive Maybe Record Labels Proposal [If not Signed Yet].
  • Music Academy: We Have well Experienced Music tutors who are tagged Excellent in what they know how to do best and are God fearing, and You definitely would like to join music scholars as they build their music career through OD7MUSIC ACADEMY
  • Artists’ Management: We also have great individuals with great managerial skills who remain focused on the bigger picture and end goal, who knows what You need as an artist/musician and are ready to stand positively between you and Your Clients, bring together the people and projects which meet Your goals and that of our record company.
  • Events’ Support system: Here we offer a great movement, with our EST (event support team) supporting any Gospel event, like Concerts, Launching, Church Programs etc, think of it, we support You fully with application of terms and conditions

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